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  1. The Desktop Themes I've refer to you are not my creation. I've found them on some web sites and I liked them. I'm also using them.

  2. The theme I've created myself is called Windows XP Blue. It'll be the first theme on the themes pages.

  3. You need a good theme management software in order to use any theme in a proper way. I would prefer "Desktop Architect". You can download it from various locations. You can  either directly download it from: "Desktop Architect"   or you can go to their web site and download it.

  4. I didn't arrange them in categorically. You'll have to see the thumbnails and decide whether you will download it or not. I'm sorry for your inconvenience.

  5. While downloading please use any download manager like Download Accelerator, Getright, Gozilla etc. They not only increase your download speed also helps you to resume a broken download.


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Collection of Desktop Themes